Sick R2 unit, bar. (at Crystal Ballroom)

After they fully understand the walkman, the reactions are amazing.

Cory Doctorow,

Here’s voice-actor Jim “Win­nie the Pooh” Cum­mings doing Darth Vader’s lines from Star Wars in the voice of Win­nie, and other key char­ac­ters as Dark­wing Duck and his other best-known voic­es; he appears with Lau­ren Landa, anoth­er voice acto…

Newswire: Get Involved, Internet: Smart Studios doc will honor where Nirvana made history
Jason Heller,

Many places will hap­pi­ly lay claim to being the birth­place of grunge—but one of the most legit con­tenders wasn’t any­where near Seat­tle. Smart Stu­dios was opened in 1982 in Madi­son, Wis­con­sin, by musician-producers Butch Vig and Steve…

Can’t wait. Good luck

Please Enjoy 6 Minutes Of Children Slipping On Ice As They Leave School
Jeff Sorensen,

A friend of mine sent me this video because he knows that I enjoy watch­ing kids injure them­selves, so this video of kids com­ing out of school and slip­ping on ice is in my com­e­dy wheel­house. I’ve watched it 3 times already and have laughed m…

Oh god yes.

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'Friends' With No Laugh Track Is Incredibly Creepy
Ross Luippold,

Ross Geller has some creep­ster ten­den­cies on “Friends,” but when you take away the laugh track, it goes from gen­tly endear­ing to a extreme­ly dis­con­cert­ing. We feel like fil­ing a restrain­ing order just watch­ing this.

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Ahh…the wobbly head and square fingers of the master!

Favorite Disney movie.

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